Washer / Dryer Repair

Most of us lead such busy lives nowadays. We rely totally on the thought that our household appliances should working all of the time. Washing machines are a vital member of our household, but when they break down, it can cause such inconvenience. It leaves you dealing with all the family’s laundry yourself.

As soon as you notice an issue with your washer, it would be wise to arrange for a repair service, in order to prevent the risk of water damage or any further complications. Will’s Appliance Repair of Gresham, OR., can fix your washer. They service all the leading brands including Maytag, Kenmore, Whirlpool and Samsung.

Avoid DIY Washing Machine Repair
Whilst it’s possible to fix some things yourself when it comes to the washing machine, it is wise to contact the experts. If not done properly, DIY washing machine repairs can cause problems, possibly resulting in electrical fires or other hazards such as flooding. This will obviously ruin your home’s interior.

By making use of a reputable repair service, you will avoid any of these expensive problems because they will be able to carry out any repairs. By contacting our company, you will receive expert attention from our team of highly skilled technicians at an affordable price.

Our company can repair or service various types of washing machines, including:
• Washing machines that top load.
• Washing machines that have a front load.
• Washing machines that are compact.

Common Washing Machine Problems
If any of the following problems occur with your washing machine, then please contact us as soon as possible so that we can carry out the repairs quickly.

The washer won’t turn
This could well be because of a tripped switch that is off-balance, which you can easily resolve by the re-distribution of clothes. If, however, the problem continues, then it might be that the outlet or timer circuitry is the cause, whereupon one of our highly skilled technicians can identify it and make the necessary repair.

The washing machine isn’t spinning as it should
The cause of this can be due to a faulty lid plunger or lid switch, burned-out solenoid, poor timer contact, damaged wires, or a broken drive belt.
Excessive vibration
This could be due to your washing machine not being level, or the floor might be weak or worn, or the snubber pads or damper pads might be degraded.
Leakages can be traced back to any number of things, including loose hoses, excess soap, and drainpipe clogs, as well as dripping tubes, water injection hoses, and tubs.

Poor water drainage
If there is any remaining water in the drum, it might be caused by a faulty pump, clogged drain hose, or worn drive belt. If not rectified, then poor drainage can lead to more expensive problems.

Spots on clothes after a wash cycle
If there are spots on your clothes upon completion of a wash cycle, and they are not removable with water and soap, this could be due to oil from a defective transmission.

Soap in clothes after a wash cycle
If there is excess soap in your clothes, this might be the result of a clogged cold-water valve or faulty timer contact.

Don’t Delay, Contact Will’s Today
Whatever the fault, in order to arrange a speedy repair of your washing machine, then please don’t hesitate to contact Will’s Appliance Repair to arrange an appointment.