Oven Repair

The oven or stove is one of the more complex appliances in the home, and there are lots of things that can cause them to break down. Will’s Appliance Repair is more than capable of correctly and safely diagnosing and repairing any problems, no matter what the brand or model is.

Whilst initially, the problem might appear quite easy to fix, unless you’re a trained expert, we would advise you not to try and make the repair yourself. This could cost you a lot more money than you might have thought and could very well be dangerous.

Not being trained in such repairs, there is a definite risk involved where you may well expose your family to deadly toxins or unknowingly, actually create an electrical hazard. So please do contact us. We are a company of highly professional and skilled technicians, who are more than qualified to carry out first-rate repairs and maintenance on all types of ovens.

Oven and Stove Top Repair
Whatever difficulties you are having with your oven or range, it is in your best interest to contact our company at the earliest opportunity, thus minimizing the possibilities of causing extra damage to your appliance. Upon completion of a professional consultation, you will immediately know the type of problems with your appliance and be able to make an informed decision about any repairs.

Prior to calling us, it would be helpful to discover the problems with your oven, and listed below are some common signs that indicate that you need an expert to check over your oven:

• The appliance is not heating.
• Unable to reach a specific temperature and maintain it.
• Difficulties in the preparation of food making it unreliable.
• It might be that the temperature gauges or timing controls aren’t functioning properly or not working at all.
If you’re having any of these problems, then it would be best to give our company a call to get an immediate assessment.

Same-day Service
Usually, our company offers same-day service for oven problems and get your appliance up and working quickly.

Highly trained technicians
Our team of EPA certified technicians have undergone extensive training with appliances prior to carrying out any repair work, and they also have to pass a thorough background check before being incorporated into our team.

Professionalism and integrity
Our pricing and warranty policies are simple and straightforward, and we disclose all of the details of the repair process, which stops you from worrying about any hidden charges.

Handle a wide range of problems
Our technicians have all the expertise and experience to repair a wide range of oven problems, including:

• The self-cleaning process is not working.
• The on/off switch is faulty.
• The door might be broken.
• There could be a problem with the wiring.
• The auto-ignition component might be malfunctioning.
• The drip pan isn’t working.
• The timing display unit might not work.
• There isn’t enough heat in the oven.
• The oven temperature might be uneven.
• The temperature gauge can’t be adjusted.
• Perhaps worse of all, gas might be leaking from the oven.

Don’t wait for a problem to grow worse and risk further damage and higher repair bills; call Will’s Appliance Repair of Gresham, OR., today and schedule an engineer to visit your home.