Ice Maker Repair

Ice machines are a boon, especially during those hot summer months and sultry days, when you can savor a lovely, icy glass of whatever takes your fancy. Hence, when they break down and you have no ice, that is the time when you realize how we take these appliances for granted. However, please don’t worry because we are here to save the day.

All you have to do is contact Will’s Appliance Repair, who has the highest reputation for repair service. We will be able to arrange for an inspection of your appliance quickly, and our technicians will be able to diagnose the issue, provide an accurate quote for the repair of your appliance, to ensure that you always have enough ice.

Our company has a team of experienced technicians who receive regular training in order to keep abreast of all trends, and who have vast experience in repairing many different kinds of appliances from all the leading brands. No matter the brand of your ice machine, our technicians can repair it.

Why Has My Ice Maker Broken Down?
There are several parts that can cause your ice machine to malfunction, and if found to be defective, they can possibly lead to other problems. It might be that the filter needs replacing, the ejector needs servicing, or the water line needs repairing.

However, whatever damage there is, please don’t attempt any repairs yourself, because this could be very risky if you aren’t trained. It may surprise you to know that close to twenty percent of electrocutions in the past decade were caused by at home repairs.
Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Ice maker won’t Turn On
A component that can prevent the operation is the control arm, which pauses the machine when the ice bin is full. Prior to calling us, you can ensure that the machine hasn’t been paused. You can reset it manually if that’s the case. If, however, the problem remains unresolved, it might be that the filter, waterline or inlet valve is broken and needs replacing.

Ice maker doesn’t make ice
When your ice machine fails to make any ice, then it might be that the supply line is frozen. If there is still no water or it doesn’t look right, then please contact us. If your machine isn’t making as many ice cubes as it’s supposed to, then you can identify this early on.

If you have an in-built ice machine in your refrigerator, then any leaks will obviously be inside the refrigerator; with an independent model, you’ll find water on the floor. If either of these applies, then please make sure that your appliance is level, and make sure that the bin is properly aligned with the funnel. If your appliance is perfectly level, then it’s time to contact us.
Please don’t disregard water leaks. Not only will they turn into a more serious problem, but more seriously, they can cause damage to your home.
Is A Replacement Necessary?
Generally, ice makers only last about five years or just after, and unfortunately, once that time has expired, the machine may frequently break down due to the wear and tear of the components. Our technicians at Will’s Appliance Repair can advise when it will be more cost-effective to replace your appliance.