Freezer Repair

When a freezer malfunctions, it would be wise not to attempt a repair yourself. Instead, call our company and we will have it up and running rapidly.
It can be very worrying when a freezer breaks down, because you instantly worry about food defrosting and the cost of replacing all the contents, and, of course, there will be serious concerns about the safety aspects with meat, fish, and leftovers. To prevent any of these problems, please contact our company so that one of our technicians can attend your home and carry out the necessary repairs. Remember that a quick repair can save you hundreds of dollars.

Will’s Appliance Repair of Gresham, OR., can assist you, because we have a team of experienced and skillful freezer repair technicians, who, once we receive your call, will attend your home, diagnose any problems quickly and repair them. We are experienced in dealing with any brand or model of the freezer.

Common Freezer Problems We Repair
Whatever kind of freezer you have – an upright or drawer, chest or refrigerator freezer, then you can feel safe with our company because our technicians are capable of repairing all these types. If any of the following problems arise, then please don’t hesitate to call us:

The appliance just won’t turn on
If the freezer won’t start, despite it being plugged in and switched on, check that the plug is in properly and the breaker hasn’t been tripped. If the machine still doesn’t work, then please contact us.

The freezer is not cooling at all
If your freezer is just not cooling, then firstly, ensure that you hadn’t left the door open and secondly, that the temperature settings haven’t been accidentally adjusted. If this doesn’t apply, then please get in touch with us, and we will arrange for one of our technicians to attend your premises and diagnose the problem quickly.

The appliance is over-cooling
On the other hand, if your freezer is over-cooling, resulting in an unnecessary build-up of frost, with the pipes showing signs of frost, then please contact us as quickly as possible, so that one of our technicians can attend and resolve the problem before it deteriorates into what could be a much costlier problem.

Inconsistent temperature
If the temperature is fluctuating in the freezer, it will obviously ruin the food. This could be a result of dust and debris or other serious issues, but fortunately, our technicians are highly skilled and qualified and will be able to offer you assistance.

Damaged or faulty door seals
Energy can be wasted with this problem. A way of testing the seal is trying to pull a dollar bill out of the freezer when it’s closed. If you achieve this, then there is definitely an issue with the door seal, and it will have to be checked by one of our experienced technicians, who will subsequently carry out the necessary repair.

Strange noises when the freezer is working
Any odd noises are usually caused by a compressor or motor that is defective. One of our technicians will be able to identify the particular problem and repair it quickly.

Other indications

Other problems that might affect the normal working of your freezer include:
• An evaporator fan that has become faulty.
• The defrost control timer may have developed a fault.
• The safety switches may have developed a fault.
If you come across any of these problems, please don’t try to repair them yourself, because you might make the situation worse. Don’t hesitate to contact our company. If possible, we will try to reverse the faults.

Call Will’s Appliance Repair, Gresham, OR.
If you are looking for a reputable company to carry out any repairs, servicing or maintenance on your freezer, then please do contact us, because we are known for our reliability and quickness in carrying out repairs, which are affordable. We are also experienced in dealing with numerous brands, including Kelvinator, GE, Kitchen Air, Revco, Whirlpool, LG and Samsung.